Acer Vero is designed with the Earth in mind, and as a thank you for supporting our mission to look
after the environment we want to give something back. When you buy a qualifying Acer Vero, either
a laptop, Chromebook or monitor and register it below we will send you a free accessory pack made
from recycled materials worth up to £89.99.

In addition Acer will donate £25 to The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) and they will organise tree
planting, wildflower meadow sowing and clearing of overgrown footpaths in your local area.


Eco-Designed with Earth in mind

Aspire Vero is made with an eye on
sustainability. It uses post consumer
recycled (PCR) plastic in its chassis
and keycaps, an OceanGlass™
trackpad and even the box and
packaging are 100 recyclable.

When you purchase and register
a qualifying Acer Vero product
we’ll send you a Vero accessory
pack – all made from recycled
materials worth up to £89.99.

Acer are committed to reducing the
effects of climate damage so we’ve
teamed up with The Conservation
Volunteers (TCV) to plant trees all over
the UK. Acer will donate £25 to your
nearest conservation group so they can
make a difference to your local area.

Vero Qualifying products:

Join I Dig Trees
and become a local hero

Support thousands of people and communities across the UK connecting to nature on their doorsteps and contributing to its protection with The Conservation Volunteers (TCV).

I Dig Trees from TCV is the largest community tree planting project across the UK, having already planted millions of native trees in local communities. Together, we’re taking positive action by planting thousands of species-rich pocket forests for climate, wildlife, and communities. Our dedicated UK tree planters are given careful planting and aftercare instruction, giving each tree the best start possible and a chance to thrive, leaving a lasting green legacy for future generations. 

Support I Dig Trees from TCV and join the phenomenon!



For Planet Earth

Vero is made with recycled plastics
using 30% PCR plastic in the chassis and
screen bezel and 50% in the keycaps and
audio speakers, pioneering a solution
with full PCR integration into a laptop.


Save Ocean Lives

Vero uses recycled ocean-bound
plastic in its OceanGlass™ touchpad
giving you a sleek, glass-like tactile
feel as your fingers scroll across
the touchpad.


Conserve Natural Resources

The moulded pulp packaging is made
from a variety of fibrous materials, such
as recycled paper, cardboard or other
natural fibres offering a wide range of
benefits compared to traditional plastic
and Styrofoam packaging.

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