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Purchase a qualifying Acer projector and claim your FREE* 5 year warranty
valid from the 1st July 2023 till the 30th September 2023!

S1 Series


• Resolution: XGA, WXGA
• Brightness: up to 4,000 lumens
• Short throw projection
• Acer ColorBoost3D & Acer ColorSafe II
• Multimedia Playback & Mobile USB display

Short-throw Projection

Short-throw projectors create better
images at shorter distances, perfect
for a busy classroom with little space.

Damage Prevention

Dust and projectors are not friends.
A sealed engined projector can defend
against the detrimental effects of dust.

LAN Network Projection

Compliant with Crestron® Network
System to enable easier control of
your projector.

Keystone Correction

Keystoning corrects your projection
to fix image distortion caused by
incorrect projector positioning.

Vero PD2 series


• Resolution: WXGA / Full HD
• Brightness: up to 3,200 lumens
• LED light source & Up to 30,000 hours lifetime
• Up to 50% energy savings
• Up to 125% REC. 709 wide color gamut
2,000,000:1 contrast ratio.

Sustainable Projection with PCR Materials1

1.Post-consumer recycled

Take the next step towards a more
sustainable future with our PCR
built1 projectors that deliver
impressive projection while
reducing your environmental

High Efficiency,

Our energy-efficient Vero projectors
are designed to give you the maximum
amount of lamp life before needing
replaced – saving you maintenance
costs and reducing your energy bill
for a lower total cost of ownership
over the lifetime of your device.

24/7 Projection

Vero projectors not only provide a
more sustainable choice in projection,
but are also capable of continuous
day-in and day-out usage without
missing a beat.

Advanced Projection

Our Vero projectors are equipped
with the latest generation of laser
and LED technology to give you
unparalleled performance no matter
the environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is my device eligible for promotion?
    All eligible devices and their Part Numbers (P/N) can be found in the T&C’s section. The P/N of your device should be on the white sticker of the package or on the sticker of your device. If the P/N of your device is included in the T&C’s section then your purchase is eligible for this promotion.  
  2. What must be shown when uploading the image?
    Name of the store, date of the purchase, name/Part Number of the purchased device. 
  3. Why can I see a Polish address in my claim information if I’m living in Great Britain?
    This changes automatically in our system and has no impact on your claim or bonus delivery.  
  4. How long do I need to wait until I receive the bonuses?
    As the T&C claims, our promotion team has up to 90 business days for the delivery of your bonuses. But it usually takes 1-3 weeks.  
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