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Empower Your Business. Trust Acer.

From the desk of a startup founder to the production floors, every business decision impacts the growth of your company. The Acer TravelMate is more than just a laptop – it’s a promise to streamline operations, ensure productivity, and stand by you through thick and thin.

Introducing the Acer TravelMate:

Unyielding Quality

Meticulously crafted with businesses in mind, the Acer TravelMate seamlessly combines power, mobility, and resilience.

Exceptional Support

Our commitment goes beyond the product. With quality assurance that includes repair and even reimbursement in the event of damage within the first year, we stand behind our promise of quality.

Broad Portfolio

From entry-level to high-end models, Acer's vast range of options ensures you'll find the perfect fit for every role in your organization.

Why Acer Stands Out

Unparalleled Support

Our quality assurance extends to unparalleled after-sales support. Should you face any issues within the first year, Acer promises not just repair but also reimbursement of computer costs.

A Legacy of Excellence

With a history rich in innovation and customer satisfaction, Acer has built a reputation for delivering reliable technology solutions across the globe.

Strong Sales Channels

Powered by our robust network of partners, Acer ensures that every purchase is backed by industry experts ready to assist and guide. From procurement to deployment, our partners are with you at every step.

Case study

In the demanding arena of a Chief Technology Officer (CTO), one big challenge is to ensure their organisation is equipped with the very best technological solutions. CTOs don’t just seek products; they look for valuable partnerships that can spur growth, efficiency, and innovation.

The Acer TravelMate, enriched by Acer’s legacy, emerges as the ideal choice for organizations of all sizes.

Acer TravelMate: Not Just a Laptop — A Strategic Asset

From start-ups to multinational corporations, the technological demands can differ greatly. Acer recognizes this diversity and addresses it head-on with the AcerTravelMate. Here’s why it stands tall:

  • A Broad Portfolio of Options:
    • Diverse Offerings: The Acer TravelMate series caters to a wide range of requirements, from basic operational tasks to high-end processing needs.
  • Customizable Specs: With the flexibility to customize based on organizational needs, IT leaders can ensure every employee has the optimal tool. 
  • Unwavering Quality:
      • Robust Build: Crafted with precision, the Acer TravelMate series is designed for longevity, ensuring CTOs gain value for their investment.
      • Innovative Technology: Leveraging the latest in technology, the Acer TravelMate ensures organizations are always a step ahead in the digital curve.
  • Acer’s Exceptional Support:
      • Proactive Assistance: Acer’s dedicated support team ensures that, should a challenge arise, solutions are swift and effective.
      • Regular Updates: With consistent software and security updates, Acer keeps organizations agile and secure.
  • A Strong Sales Channel:
      • Accessible and Informed: Acer’s widespread sales network ensures CTOs can make informed choices supported by expert partners.
      • Streamlined Procurement: With efficient logistics, Acer ensures timely delivery, and with Windows, Autopilot devices can be preconfigured for smooth setups.
  • A Legacy of Excellence:
    • Decades of Innovation: Acer’s journey, spanning decades, is a testament to its commitment to technological advancement and customer satisfaction.
    • Global Recognition: With accolades and satisfied partners worldwide, Acer’s reputation is a beacon of trust and reliability.

The Verdict from the Vanguard

Oliver Williams, CTO of a leading tech firm in London, states, “Our partnership with Acer, underscored by our investment in the Acer TravelMate series, has been transformative. It’s not just about laptops; it’s about aligning with a brand that understands our growth vision and supports it at every step.”

An Investment in the Future

For CTOs, every choice is a statement of intent and a step towards a brighter, more efficient future. With the Acer TravelMate, it’s more than choosing a device; it’s making a commitment to excellence, aligning with a brand ready to collaborate in shaping an organization’s future. The TravelMate, like Acer, promises quality, support, and innovation in every interaction.



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