Plant a tree

with ConceptD and Acer

Thank you for your trust in choosing our product. At ConceptD, we focus on high quality and good design to accompany you in your best work to come!

Every day we strive to innovate our products to aid you in your creative journey; but also to keep our company as environmentally friendly as possible. With the ConceptD series, we’ve implemented:

An ecological box

ConceptD products are boxed using 90% recycled cardboard, and we have removed all LDPE foam packing, without sacrificing any of the box’s protective qualities! In addition, to further reduce environmental impact, we no longer put our cables in unnecessary plastic bags.


In recent years Soy Ink has revolutionized the environmental impact of traditional petroleum based inks, and we’re pleased to confirm that all ConceptD materials are printed using this ink type. By using 100% Soy Ink, ConceptD is awarded the Soy Ink seal of approval by the America Soy Bean Association’s guidelines.

Computer Sleeve

ConceptD’s computer sleeves are made from recycled polyester, rather than the more popular LDPE. Recycled polyester has the advantage over LDPE in that it’s made from recycled PET bottles, and not ‘virgin’ material. This significantly reduces the amount of energy used in production, AND recycles plastic bottles from our planet!

We want to go a step further, but we won't be able to do it without you.
Now, any ConceptD equipment can become carbon neutral.

In order for one laptop to become carbon neutral, we have to plant 29 trees.

In order for one desktop to become carbon neutral, we have to plant 100 trees!

In order for one monitor to become carbon neutral, we have to plant 35 trees!

Register your ConceptD product and we will plant the trees on your behalf, making your ConceptD carbon neutral!

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