Purchase an Acer Vero
product & get rewarded!

Acer has teamed up with Disney to celebrate the release of Disney and Pixar’s Elemental, only in ,cinemas July 7th!

When you purchase and register any of our Vero products, not only will we plant 100 trees on your behalf via Ecologi, Acer’s sustainable tree planting partner, you can claim a pack of free Vero accessories worth up to £99.99, Elemental Stickers, and one lucky person will win an Elemental inspired glamping trip!

The promotion runs from today until 30th September 2023. Once you have purchased your Vero product, click on the REGISTER button below.

Vero Qualifying products:


Aspire Vero Notebooks

Vero Chromebook

Vero Monitors

Vero Projector

Discover the elements with Acer Vero
and win an Elemental inspired glamping trip

Entry to win a glamping
trip worth £3,900

One lucky winner will have the chance to connect with all
four elements on the ultimate glamping adventure with a
3-night stay and £500 to spend on a choice of activities!
100 tries planted
with Ecologi

Register your Vero Product and we will
plant 100 trees on your behalf via Ecologi,
Acer’s sustainable tree planting partner.

Vero accessory pack
to the value of up to £99.99!

Depending on what Vero product you purchase,
you could claim a free mouse, mouse mat, sleeve
or even a projector screen!

Elemental sticker pack


Elemental character stickers printed on recycled
paper, featuring characters from Disney and Pixar’s
“Elemental” an all-new, original feature film set
in Element City.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is my device eligible for promotion?
    All eligible devices and their Part Numbers (P/N) can be found in the T&C’s section. The P/N of your device should be on the white sticker of the package or on the sticker of your device. If the P/N of your device is included in the T&C’s section then your purchase is eligible for this promotion.  
  2. What must be shown when uploading the image?
    Name of the store, date of the purchase, name/Part Number of the purchased device. 
  3. Why can I see a Polish address in my claim information if I’m living in Great Britain?
    This changes automatically in our system and has no impact on your claim or bonus delivery.  
  4. How long do I need to wait until I receive the bonuses?
    As the T&C claims, our promotion team has up to 90 business days for the delivery of your bonuses. But it usually takes 1-3 weeks.  
  5. How can I contact the Acer team if I have any questions regarding promotions?
    Contact us via promotions@wec24.pl or please use the “Contact us” button to fill out the form.